Our Story

Partners: Quasim Riaz, Hagop Giragossian, and André Vener

OLD SCHOOL, NEW TWIST — Remember when you were a kid and hot dogs were your favorite food? We’ve always loved a good dog and we’ve taken that love to a new level—ensuring that same level of fun and enjoyment for hot dog lovers of all ages. In less than 3 years, we’ve gone from an idea to 3 stores, national acclaim and the best guests a restaurant could dream of.

Dog Haus is the premier hot dog, sausage and burger joint where freshly-made food and a fun environment are combined with the best fast casual dining experience around. From day one, we’ve put our energies towards creating a concept that brings guests back for more and creates unbelievably positive word of mouth.

We opened our first store in October 2010 with a vision of making hot dogs, sausages and burgers that were more than just food by making them a complete experience that lives on in the memories of our guests and ensures our place at the top of our industry. Our concept resonated with what people want to eat, as well as the kind of experience they want when eating a casual meal with family and friends. It was such a success that we opened a second location a year later and a third six months after that.

People love our hot dog, sausage and burger creations. Dog Haus’ combination of sweet and savory in every bite, as well as our unique combinations, have created a cult following that extends across the United States. All of which flow directly from our mission of providing uncompromisingly fresh, quality food and a clean, energetic and fun environment coupled with excellent service. Our fresh ingredients, proprietary recipes and made to order items have garnered glowing press locally and nationally—always in the context of how fun a trip to Dog Haus is.

The Dog Haus experience emphasizes fun, personal connection and community engagement, not just for our guests, but for our staff as well by creating a work environment that encourages commitment, teamwork and personal advancement. This is another example of commitment to the Dog Haus mission, which includes creating a successful corporation that pays forward to the community while maintaining the most desirable work environment possible by valuing our team and ensuring them opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Simply put, there is no place quite like Dog Haus. It’s the haus that everyone wants to be in.