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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 Best Sausages In Los Angeles

LA WEEKLY ONLINE — 10 Best Sausages In Los Angeles — by Rachael Narins

Three things go into making a great sausage: lots of flavorful ingredients mixed with a decent amount of fat and proper cooking. When you bite in it has to absolutely pop. The bun should also have some substance and not be sweet or overpowering in any way; and with endless amounts of toppings available these days, we're still a sucker for the classics like sauerkraut, mustard, peppers and onions.

In order to find the best sausages in L.A. that meet our high standards, we embarked on an epic culinary research adventure that over the course of six months included visiting 18 establishments and consuming more than 40 different sausages. For our purposes, we stuck with European-style sausages, and really mostly Eastern European, since we'll leave Spanish chorizo and Portuguese linguiça for another time. Also, we didn't bother sampling poultry or seafood sausages because it seemed unfair to compare chicken to pork (and we are deeply biased against chicken sausage except for breakfast anyway). On our hunt, we were looking for — but didn't always find — made-in-house, or at least proprietary, and always-on-the-menu sausages. The restaurant also got bonus points for having a good vegetarian option on hand as well.

Many food comas and sausage overloads later, we're ready to count down for you the best of the wurst. And we promise that after that comment, we will refrain from any more sausage puns for the duration of this list.

5. Dog Haus
Oh Dog Haus. Where do we start? You're warm and welcoming with your big tables and rustic wood decor and you have Adam Gertler as your own personal Würstmacher. He's a chef who has the chops to make a thoughtful selection of world-class sausage and enough whimsy to keep cranking out funky new offerings. The menu has so many choices it makes a person want to come back every day of the week. In the sausage-artistry division though, Dog Haus takes the gold with their The Pig and the Fig, a fatty-but-balanced, emmentaler cheese stuffed snappy pork sausage. Served on a toasted bun that's topped with a tangy, sweet and hot, fig and onion relish, it's unexpected, well balanced and a real popper. All that and you can add an order tater tots. What more could you ask for? Multiple locations