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Monday, April 06, 2015

11 Restaurants So Good, You Wouldn’t Guess They Were Chains

PLAYBOY ONLINE — 11 Restaurants So Good, You Wouldn’t Guess They Were Chains — by Jen Jones

There can be a stigma attached to chain restaurants. In the current food culture, which praises locally sourced, farm-to-table fare, the idea of a multi-city chain seems antithetical. A chain restaurant calls to mind assembly line, paint-by-numbers food that does little to excite. Yet, there are some restaurants spread out across the country that still deliver a great meal, despite their scale. From hot dogs to haute “supper club”-style cuisine, find out which chains deserve a spot on your to-try list.

At DogHaus, choose your own gluttonous adventure: gourmet sausages, hot dogs, or burgers. Many of the sausages are designed by Food Network star Adam Gertler (aka the “Sausage Pimp”), with selections like the Bad Mutha Clucka (chicken fontina sausage with sun-dried tomato aioli, basil, and crispy onions) and The Fonz (hot Italian sausage with pastrami and melted mozzarella). Hot dog fiends can choose from nine signature dogs or customize their own with more than 40 toppings. (Fig and onion relish, anyone?) For both the burgers and dogs, buns are cut from grilled sweet Hawaiian rolls rather than standard “white-or-wheat” fare.