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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

12 Extreme Dishes and Drinks in LA

ZAGAT — 12 Extreme Dishes and Drinks in LA — by Lesley Balla

You don't have to stuff 60 hot dogs in your gullet in less than 10 minutes to eat extreme around LA. We have restaurants serving the wackiest burgers, hottest tacos, biggest pizzas and overstuffed sandwiches from Burbank to the South Bay. There are cocktails with grasshoppers and worms and lamb broth — it's not a soup, they swear! — and desserts that could feed an army. Hold on tight: here's a look at some overloaded and crazy dishes and drinks in town.

Duck the Police at Dog Haus Biergarten Just because foie gras can be legally served in California again doesn’t mean the delicacy is reserved for high-end restaurants only. The chef team of the growing hot dog chain got together to create this fantastical foie gras-laden treat for the Pasadena gastropub only. The $15 grilled turducken sausage not only gets topped with seared foie gras chunks, along with micro pea greens, tangy fig relish and brownbutter- toasted hazelnuts, but if you get the Duck, Duck Juice deal for $25, it comes with fries drizzled in foie gras fat (the fat rendered from searing the cubes for the hot dog) and a glass of wine. There will be only 100 of these hot dogs available on January 24-25 (first come, first serve). But who knows; if it’s popular enough, it will surely make a regular appearance.