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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

4 New Wave Frito Pies in L.A.

LA MAGAZINE DIGEST BLOG — 4 New Wave Frito Pies in L.A. (and How Drunk You Should be to Eat Them)— by Garrett Snyder

Is there a snack more sustaining than Frito pie?—It’s the currency of concession stands, county fairs, and convenience stores across the nation. It’s the perfect size for quelling hunger pangs—whether they happen in the afternoon or after midnight. And, yes, sometimes you get to eat it straight out of the bag: The Frito pie.

As with other traditional comfort foods (see: chicken and waffles; doughnuts) the Frito pie is currently experiencing its own culinary revival both in L.A. and across the U.S. The chili might be house-made and the jalapeños house-pickled, but one truth remains: these things taste really, really good after a few drinks, regardless of their gastronomic status.

We’ve compiled a few choice selections, complete with corresponding intoxication levels (only a suggestion!)

Getting tipsy: Dog Haus, Frito Chili Cheese Bowl ($4.50) It doesn’t get much more classic than this: A red tray lined with wax paper, a heaping mound of Fritos, ladlefuls of zesty chili, and a blanket of melted cheddar cheese that obscures everything else. Grab a fork, a friend, and get messy.

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