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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

6 specials to eat your way through Leap Day

TIMEOUT LA – 6 specials to eat your way through Leap Day

Erin Kuschner

With Valentine's Day in the past and St. Patrick's Day still a few weeks away, we need something to celebrate. Leap Day? Sure, why not. The once-every-four-years occurrence takes place on Monday, February 29, and a few restaurants around Los Angeles are offering deals to both leaplings—those who were born on the 29th—and those of us with standard, once-a-year birthdays. Take advantage or risk having to wait until 2020.

Dog Haus: Leap Day calls for an upgrade—and at all Dog Haus locations on February 29, you can upgrade your single patty burger to a double patty for free. That's a lot of burger, y'all.

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