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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dog Haus Debuts Chicken Sandwich

June 27, 2017

Dog Haus Debuts Chicken Sandwich


Lisa Jennings

Dog Haus has served gourmet hot dogs, sausages and burgers since 2010. Next month, the fast-casual chain will expand its menu to compete in the crowded world of chicken sandwiches.

On July 6, Dog Haus will debut a new chicken sandwich developed in partnership with “Top Chef” winner Ilan Hall. Dubbed the Bad Mutha Clucka, the fried chicken sandwich is made with natural, cage-free chicken breast, raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and brined before frying. It’s topped with miso ranch, lettuce and pickles. Like the hot dogs at Dog Haus, the chicken sandwich is served on a grilled King’s Hawaiian roll. The sandwich is priced at $7.99, but prices may vary.

It’s not the first time Dog Haus has collaborated with Hall. Last year, the chef created The Naughty Dog to promote the film “Sausage Party.”

“There’s nothing wrong with too many chefs in the kitchen,” said Dog Haus co-founder André Vener.

The chicken sandwich comes as Dog Haus prepares for national growth. With restaurants in California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, Dog Haus plans to add another 20 locations before the end of 2017, and 75 more units in 2018, Vener said.

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