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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dog Haus proves everything can be a hot dog

CLOTHES HORSE — Dog Haus Proves Everything Can Be A Hot Dog

Chef and television personality Adam Gertler joins Michael Brown, culinary director of Pasadena-based craft hotdog concept Dog Haus, to produce a number of mouthwatering and unconventional hot dogs for BuzzFeed. Noteworthy highlights from the culinary effort include the “Ménage á Foie,” a turducken sausage topped off with foie gras garnishes and onion balsamic jam, and the “Southbound & Down,” a deep fried chicken sausage on a bed of cole slaw in a waffle bun topped with drizzled honey. Other unconventional hot dog exploits include a lobster and ribeye-infused “Surf ‘n’ Turf” sausage and a unique dessert hot dog, which combines elements of chocolate and marshmallow within the sausage. Enjoy the BuzzFeed video above and head over to Dog Haus for more.