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Friday, January 09, 2015

Dog Haus Releases Limited Time Foie Gras Dog

PASADENA NOW'S PASADENA LIVING — Dog Haus Releases Limited Time Foie Gras Dog

But it's only available at the Pasadena location! And they're only make 100 of them!

Love it or hate it, but foie gras has been the only thing on California chef’s minds for the past two days.

Since the lift of the foie gras ban in California yesterday, restaurants around the state have been rolling out special tasting menus featuring the delicacy in a multitude of forms (like cotton candy).

Of course, Pasadena’s Chef Michael Brown of Dog Haus wasn’t too far behind. In fact, he’s already got a special release lined up exclusively at the Pasadena location. Starting soon (we promise we’ll let you know when!), Dog Haus will be offering a special dog with grilled turducken sausage, wilted pea greens, tangy fig relish, seared foie gras and brown butter toasted hazelnuts.

The Turducken sausage is made with smoked turkey, chicken and duck with fresh sage, rosemary, thyme, whiskey soaked cranberries and yams.They will also be featuring a new side dish: fresh cut parmesan fried in duck fat.

The dog will be available sometime between mid-January and the end of the month, and they are offering only 100 total foie gras dogs
- They will be offering a combo option that includes the dog, duck fat fries, and a glass of wine for $25 

- The dog alone will be $15

We’ll be speaking with the chef himself to find out more about his new creation and hear his reactions to the foie gras ban lift. We get the feeling he’s in favor.

Dog Haus is located at 105 N. Hill Ave., Pasadena. For more information, please call (626) 577-4287 or visit