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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Guys, It's Nearly Cheeseburger Week


NBC LA ONLINE - Guys, It's Nearly Cheeseburger Week

Alysia Gray Painter


Pasadena’s punchable icon leaps off the griddle and into greatness


Dig the bunnable, melty-cheesy icon? Pasadena, the cheeseburger's birthplace, does as well. Munch around town from Jan. 10 through 15.


King among such savory foodstuffs is the cheeseburger, a gooey, drippy, bun-encased superstar that can be easily made at home but is often more fun (read: gooey/drippy) to find at a restaurant.


Pasadena gets both our longing for hearty fare when rain arrives and our love of fancier eat-out cheeseburgers, the ones topped with fried eggs or unusual cheeses or those caramelized onions that lend an unassuming patty zest and zing, both.


What does Cheeseburger Week, which sizzles from Jan. 10 through 15, add up to, then? Fancy patties of the gooiest, drippiest sort, from a pair of onion smashed burgers at Dog Haus (the This Burger and the That Burger) to specials at both Lucky Baldwin's and Pie 'n Burger, two of the city's cherished, sip-sup hangouts.


The full list of places celebrating the week in a fried-eggy, caramelized-onion-esque way can by found at Cheeseburger Week's main HQ. Could you try every cheeseburger from Jan. 10 through 15? Well, that's a fairly small window, so you might land on a couple of interesting choices.

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