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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hot dogs with yakisoba and Japanese curry: Six great Asian-fusion dogs

LA TIMES DAILY DISH — Hot dogs with yakisoba and Japanese curry: Six great Asian-fusion dogs

Tired of ketchup and mustard? Here are six great Asian-fusion dogs to try now Hot dogs with yakisoba, Japanese curry or teriyaki? Six great Asian-fusion dogs What started with Roy Choi's Kogi truck and the Seoul Sausage crew bringing an Asian fusion sensibility to street food has grown into a full-blown culinary movement. Sriracha has become the new ketchup, and kimchi and pickled ginger are the new sauerkraut. The all-American hot dog in Los Angeles is experiencing wave of new flavors from the East. Here are some local spots, plus one Orange County find, that take the quintessential ballpark, backyard barbecue food and give it an Asian twist.

The Dog Haus: If you can walk in and convince yourself not to eat three orders of the chili cheese tots, try the "Another Night in Bangkok" specialty dog at the restaurant's Canoga Park outlet. A pork sausage packed with spicy Thai red curry is topped with cilantro aioli and an Asian slaw made with cabbage, green onions and sesame oil. The dog is topped with bits of salty peanuts and served on one of the restaurant's signature Kings Hawaiian roll buns. And if you can't make it to Canoga Park, the restaurant's other locations serve a "One Night in Bangkok Dog" with cucumber kimchi relish instead of the slaw.