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Friday, September 06, 2013

LA Times Food

LA TIMES FOOD, DAILY DISH — 7 great chili cheese fries you need to get messy with now — by Jenn Harris

Chili cheese fries fall into three necessary food groups. Cheesy, meaty, crunchy. And there's no better food to eat at two in the morning after a night out drinking with your best friends, and a couple of strangers thrown in for good measure. L.A. is home to countless burger joints with any number of chili cheese fries. It's common knowledge that Carney's, Pink's and The Hat do their chili cheese fries right, but there are a couple of other places around town whose fries rise above all the rest. Here's a list of seven places for chili cheese fries, besides the known favorites, in no particular order, if you want to get really messy. Extra napkins please!

Dog Haus—Most days, there's a line out the door at all three locations of this hot dog and hamburger joint in Pasadena and Alhambra. They specialize in sausage on a King's Hawaiian roll and root beer battered corn dogs, but they're also serious about their chili cheese tots. That's right, they're serving their meaty chili and cheese on top of tater tots. For $3.49 you get a small container full of tots smothered in a mixture of cheese sauce and melted cheddar cheese, chili and squares of diced hot white onion. Those tots ensure a crisp bite in each forkful and that gooey cheese mixture will make even the most conservative of eaters let out a little moan.