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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Restaurants Buck Healthful Trend With Indulgent Items

NATION’S RESTAURANT NEWS ONLINE — Restaurants Buck Healthful Trend With Indulgent Items — by Bret Thorn

Many restaurants now offer more healthful options, and there are indications that consumers like the choice of eating something they perceive as better for them. But oftentimes, the call of the cheeseburger is too powerful, and just as restaurants continue to roll out lighter options, they also offer a growing array of indulgent food that is the gastronomic equivalent of a comforting hug.

“A lot of people, although they say they want to eat healthy, as soon as they have the opportunity, they go for something more indulgent that they might crave,” said Dan Corrigan, director of marketing for Wing Zone, a 109-unit chain focused on chicken wings. “We all have the best intentions at heart, but sometimes the craving of bacon or a burger or cinnamon maple will overtake us,” he said.

Americans ordered 3 percent more hamburgers in 2014 than they did in 2013, according to consumer research firm The NPD Group. A number of chains tapped into that trend with even more indulgent versions of America’s favorite entrée.

Eight-unit Dog Haus celebrated the lifting of California’s ban on foie gras by promoting the fatty duck liver in its Duck the Police sausage. It offered 100 of the dogs between Jan. 24-25. They were made with grilled turducken sausage, micro pea greens, fig relish, foie gras and brown-butter-toasted hazelnuts on a toasted roll.