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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The best restaurants in Pasadena

TIME OUT LA — The best restaurants in Pasadena — by Erin Kuschner

Take a break from the shops of Old Town to dine at these fantastic Pasadena restaurants
There's a million reasons to visit Pasadena—bargain shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market, perusing fine art at the Norton Simon Museum, getting lost in Craftsman architecture at the Gamble House—but the city is quickly becoming a veritable dining destination, too. Among the quaint coffee shops and tourist-driven chains that populate Old Town and beyond lie fantastic eateries worth discovering. From a formal Basque restaurant to a cafe serving some of the best falafel in LA, these Pasadena restaurants are your best bets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pasadena restaurants to visit
Though the Dog Haus menu reads like a drunken cookbook of street dogs and Denny’s breakfasts, the plump, flavorful hot dogs show more tact and restraint than their sloppy inspirations, thanks in part to the sweet, soft Hawaiian bread buns. Among the long list of dependably delectable dogs, burgers and brats, the Sooo Cali ($6) is the hot dog of choice, with its thick slices of avocado, crispy onions and spicy basil aioli. Out front, the picnic bench patio offers a charming alternative to the sports bar-like interior; in either case the delightfully cheesy '80s touches are inescapable, from the loud soundtrack—think Toto—to the menu—The Abe Froman, Scott Baioli.