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Monday, June 22, 2015

This Hot Dog Joint Has A Chicken-fried Sausage Wrapped In a King's Hawaiian Waffle Bun

FOODBEAST — This Hot Dog Joint Has A Chicken-fried Sausage Wrapped In A King's Hawaiian Waffle Bun — by Isai Rocha

Dog Haus in Pasadena, California is doing its darndest to make breakfast as heart-stopping as possible with its newest chicken fried waffle creation.

While chicken fried steak has become a breakfast staple at many restaurants such as Denny's and IHOP, Dog Haus is mixing up that concept with a chicken fried sausage. They're not stopping there as they're taking Kings Hawaiian rolls and pressing them into a waffle that will serve as the chicken fried sausage's bun.

Yes, these delicious little rolls will be in waffle form: This waffled-up sandwich was created by sausagemaker Adam Gertler in a video collab with Buzzfeed called, "Can You Hot Dog It?"

Unfortunately it will not be available for all the Dog Haus locations, but the Biergarten location in Pasadena will have it from June 27 to June 28.