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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Will Self-serve Beer Render Bartenders Obsolete?

LA TIMES ONLINE — Will Self-serve Beer Render Bartenders Absolete?  — by Andrew Khouri

Your next draft may be pulled not by a bartender — but by you.
Sean Hale, general manager of the recently opened Oceanside pub, said customers pay for what would be free samples at traditional pubs while making it simpler to try exotic brews. "They love it," he said. "It's about tasting all these different beers and the fun of exploring."...

Fast-casual sausage joint Dog Haus is on board too. The chain has a four-tap self-serve system at its Santa Ana store, and a six-tap one is coming soon to a location near Cal State Fullerton.

Quasim Riaz, the chain's co-founder, said that with customers charged by the 10th of an ounce, there is less waste. Customers tend to be more careful than a bartender who might be prone to spill, over-pour or give away a beer "on the house," he said. "In theory you get a 100% yield on a keg," he said. Both establishments installed systems from iPourIt, a Santa Ana company that is one of the leading providers of the technology...

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